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(* 25. June 1899 in Turin; † 10. May 2002 in Mailand) was an Italian painter, graphic artist and architect. He is considered the co-founder of "New Realism" (Nuovo Realismo).

After graduation Gabriele Mucchi graduated from 1916 to 1923, a civil engineer and architect at the University of Bologna, which was interrupted by the military service 1917/18. After graduating, he worked first in a construction company in Rome, from 1927 in an architectural office in Milan. A stay in Berlin in the years 1928 to 1930 was followed by a longer stay in Paris from 1931 to 1934. In the following years his name became known through impressive murals beyond the borders of Italy. His studio became the meeting place of the anti-fascist group Corrente.

He had been something of a legend for a long time. An artist who has lived through the whole century and was full of plans at the beginning of the century and drew what he saw around him as a critical eyewitness and incorruptible judge of his time.

Gabriele Mucchi has created the following milestones:

Zizero armchair, Zizero stool, Chaiselongue Genni with stool.

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