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(* 15. Dezember 1870 in Pirnitz, Österreich-Ungarn;

† 7. Mai 1956 in Vienna),

he came from wealthy house, his father was mayor of Brtnice / Pirnitz in the district Jihlava / Jihlava in Moravia. He was originally supposed to be a lawyer, but he was more attracted to technology. At the State School of Crafts in Brno, he brought excellent grades. He then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Karl von Hasenauer and Otto Wagner.

In Wagner's office he met Joseph Maria Olbrich, with whom he founded the Vienna Secession in 1897, an artists' association that he left in 1905 with Gustav Klimt and others.

From 1899 he was a teacher at the Vienna School of Applied Arts. J. Hoffmann was a member of the Masonic Lodge "The Loyalty".

In 1903 he founded the Wiener Werkstätte with the banker Fritz Wärndorfer and the painter Koloman Moser.

In 1906 he built his first major work, the sanatorium in Purkersdorf.

In 1907 Hoffmann co-founded the German Werkbund, 1912 of the Austrian Werkbund.

In 1925 he married Carla (Karla) Schmatz, who was previously a mannequin at the Wiener Werkstätte. As a widow, Carla Hoffmann entrusted Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten with the rights to her husband's designs. Wittmann began to reproduce Hoffmann furniture in the 1970s, including models such as Bat, Purkersdorf, Haus Koller, Armlöffel and the famous Kubus.

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